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Peter Forster

Peter Forster

We usually keep Peter Forster hidden away. Upstairs in the laboratory where he is the one who makes all those little plastic things that orthodontic patients wear to make their teeth go straight and give them lisps and makes them spit a lot while the straightening in their mouths is going on. But – by the way – it’s all worth it!

Peter is actually a musician. If you are in the Burford Dental building and you hear the sounds of a guitar or a Lakota cedar flute or an occarino [don’t ask me what that is!] or a piano or pan pipes or a synthesiser or a black flute or a kantele [don’t ask me what that is either!] or a didgeridoo or a lap harp or a tingshaw [at this point I give up], then you will know Peter is somewhere around. Oh yes – I almost forgot – not only but also he sings.

Peter came to NZ from England as a teenager and started real life as a dental technician at Middlemore Hospital. where not only did he make false teeth and dental crowns but also plastic eyes and ears and other unmentionable bits. He did this sort of stuff in Auckland and Christchurch for about 18 years and then went off with a lady to live in Sweden where he made flutes and CDs.

Now Peter is back in Auckland - or Waiheke Island to be more exact - where he makes guitars and American Indian flutes and builds houses - and still finds time to bike to Newmarket to make the best orthodontic and TMJ appliances in town.